thinking on giving up coffee…

‘Tis Friday and I, for one, am most happy to see it arrive. There has been something about this week that has just totally stunk (stinked?) for me.

~ In the Center Ring ~

Still trying to catch up from last week, I think it will take a million years to do so. And there is only one of me, I do not have any children to clean up after here… though in my own defense, it is not just my things. I am desperately trying to incorporate all the things that ended up here after T1k and SIL made their move to Spokane.

Two big items, my grandmas sideboard (which has to be stored indoors) and a dresser that will not fit into my storage, the excess for two more dogs, and one kid, one cat, and … something I am forgetting…

OH! the horses. I keep the grain and tack and all that here, so that no one can say that it is theirs later on.

Don’t laugh, it has happened… **sigh**

~ In the Second Ring ~

Everyone I know is getting sick, me now included in the everyone. I feel as though I am coughing up my lungs, though so far (knock on wood) I have yet to have any fever … not that I would necessarily notice ~ to busy trying to do stuff that has to be done.

~ In the Third Ring ~

It turned booger freezing cold here all of the sudden ~ Budman gets icicles on his whiskers when it is like this. I spent yesterday getting a new stock tank heater in the trough so that the mares could have liquid water to drink…

Makes muffin pick up a lot easier when it is this cold ~ they are little frozen balls that I could (if need arose) throw into the manure pile by hand.

heh… not enough ice (and no snow) to play Poo Hockey yet, dogs had nothing to do.

I am thinking that it might be a good idea to give up coffee… then I won’t have to keep track of my cup…


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