We are now testing…

~In The Center Ring ~

Not so early anymore, though I have been up since the O’dark-thirty that runs my life these days. Been to feed the horses, shoveled poo, and discovered that the water in the main trough won’t water because someone said they fixed it and they didn’t, and as it is just now freezing, the handle on the pipe is frozen shut, so NOW it is a problem ~ most likely MY problem…

wow. how is THAT for a run-on sentence?

Anyway… there is a second trough because I put my horses out there, but still ~ when the snow hits finally, the main trough is the one they all use, so…


I pray on a daily HOURLY basis that this will not be my problem much longer. With great fervency, I pray this. I exhort ALL the powers that be…help me find somewhere just as good, but easier to handle for myself and my kid and my ponies…


~And In The Second Ring ~

Work begins for real today with the theater, I am now quite sure that this is my very last show with them. The fun and magic has gone from working for this particular organization, while I love the people, and the work itself, it has become drudgery to go. Once I am there I am fine, but gearing up to face everything? It has become fairly hard to do. I keep a good attitude ~ I am just finished with it now. I think this is a good way to stop, end the work there on a good note, say my thank yous and move on.

~And In The Third Ring ~

Wow. Only two rings going this morning… amazing. There are things in that part of the circus, they are just stuffed in the back of my mind somewhere…guess my elephants are sleeping.

Working on my second pot of coffee now, can’t believe I EVEN thought of quitting caffeine this time of year ~ what with the darkness, and the stress, and the fact that I just taught the cats how to run the coffee maker…



Good thing the cats made another pot of coffee, my mug is at the barn.

“We are now testing the insulting properties of Starbucks Coffee Cups at temperatures well below freezing…”


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