Two weeks left…

The cat is sitting in the window, watching the garbage truck with great interest…I find myself wondering what she could be thinking…

~In the Center Ring ~

Today is the day I go in to “interview” for public assistance… I have NO idea what that will entail, and I am not happy about having to do this. I am going to be taking the bus down, as I do not want to drive, the roads are REALLY awful today. I hate bus rides, but this can not be helped.

Do I think I will get help?

No. I am staying with my mom, and even though I pay her, her income counts for MY income here in Washington State.

The system is really weird. Why should my mom pay for me to live? She would if she could, but her income is fixed…

Why won’t the ex pay the support?

Because he is an ass.

Why can’t I get a job?

Because I am a loser.


~ In the Second Ring ~

My horses are now for sale ~ even the big one that I use for my MS therapy riding. I can not pay for them, so they must go. The field rent, the gas to get there… I can’t keep it up. I have permission to sell the car also, though if I get less than 2K for it, I do not get to keep any of the money…

It is time to finish hoeing out the storage, and taking it back to nothing… I can not keep paying for the unit. Many good antiques are in there, I will list them as I can on Craigslist.

Cats, dogs… all must go now.

Life kind of sucks that way sometimes, and I am tossing in the towel…

~In the Third Ring~

I hate myself. Mostly because I feel as though I am giving up… and yes, I am. I can’t keep it together, and … well… no one gives a shit. I am homeless on the 31st of December if I do not get help from the state of Washington… and it is already the 16th of December.

Two weeks…


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