Curious …

So, today I have accomplished two things.

1) have my new phone up and running, though there is a lot more to learn.

2) made all the phone calls necessary to have a direction for the new year with a lot of things.

Some of those things being Bankruptcy, child support payments, health issues, and how much I can pay my mom on a regular basis without going further under…

All of this without any interference from my ex-husband.


Yes, I feel okay about the day ~ thus far. Waiting for half the morning on an attorney to advise me was more than a bit irritating, nonetheless, I am happy I did it.

I know I am on the right track with what I need to do.


Trick is ~ to keep myself motivated and moving along.

Would be a neat trick, eh?

Speaking of tricks…

What exactly, IS a “hat trick” in hockey? Curious minds would like to know…


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