the first day of 2010

Oddly enough, I didn’t really do much today.

**snort** I NEVER do much, so that is not any surprise ~ I’m grumpy though, and when I am grumpy, it is not such a bad thing… to do nothing I mean.

Ended up going out last night for a bit, simply to get away from the house. I tried a few of the “new” beer ~ it is called “wild blue” ~ at 8% alcohol, and it is just sweet enough that you do not know it is going down, I got a bit tipsy.

That could be why I am grumpy today, eh?


Four day weekends (two in a row now) always throw my game off too ~ my mind/body think that tomorrow should be Monday, and I have alll these things that I need to do on Monday, and I can not do any of them, because it is Saturday…

that makes me grumpy…E-er.

Snowed off and on since the middle of the day yesterday, today it is barely cold enough to keep it snowing. Pockets of freezing rain all the way from the barn to here when I drove home after the evening feeding hour.

Now I am going to try to finish up my book, and get some more sleep.

Thus passes the first day of my 2010.


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