day well spent

Nearly time for dinner, and I have yet to go feed my horses. I am very tired of driving six miles twice a day just to see them ~ wouldn’t be so bad if I had a place to pee while I was working out there, but… I don’t.

**sigh** makes it difficult, and now that I must sell the car for money, I do not know what I am going to do.


Two more turn downs for work, both in my Email on Sunday ~ I had such a good weekend too ~ it is just not fair. Of course, when ever I am gone, my mother does her feel sorry for herself thing, and I get the brunt of that when I get home.

Always is it about her… *shrug*

oh well, soon I’ll be gone, and nothing will bother me.

Spent the day importing different words that I have written in my life into this here blog… there are a few loose ends to wrap up, and there may be some reapeats ~ it seriously feels good to have everything all in one big long file.

Seriously does feel like a new beginning, and thus ~ A day well spent.


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