Procrastinationing isn’t ALL bad.

Procrastinationing: Practice of the Art of Procrastinating.

Procrastinating a bit this morning, we may have to run my moms truck in to the city for some quickie repairs. The thermostat gigamagoo is leaking right where it joins the hose to the radiator.

At least I THINK it is the thermostat. Logically it is, but hey ~ I am no longer mechanically inclined.

Been busy as all get out for the past two days, and I actually feel as though I have accomplished things. Not exactly sure what the “things” are ~ mostly the piddly junk that doesn’t get done on a regular basis ~ and I can see the carpet in my room for the first time in quite awhile.

A LONG while… **sigh**

I now have a space all set up to sort paperwork that has been piling up for the past many years and I have filled it with enough boxes to start up my own paper recycling plant with.

**sigh**  While I’ve always known that the past 20 years have been insanely busy, I did not realize just HOW busy they until I began this current project.

On the upside, waiting this long was a good thing, for all of the excess can now be easily recycled instead of going into a landfill someplace.


Today is already the 28th of January…

Can’t help but wonder where the first month of 2010 has gone.


Away to feed the horses, and then take the jalopy (new name for the Ford) in to the mechanic man in the city.


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