Indignities don’tcha know…

I spend a lot of time with my animals, while they do talk back occasionally ~ for the most part we have a fine understanding that they rule my life, and I am nothing but a slave to their whims…

Today, while I was trying to work on a project, the cats developed a bad case of “play with me NOW” syndrome.

Little Cat, she will play with the tools I am trying to use ~ pen, paper, inkwell, knitting needle ~ and if I have a yarn project going, she will do her best to get the thing out of the bag.

Old Cat, she is a lot more subtle. She will hoist her largish self up on to the work table, and plop her (now) considerable mass right in the middle of whatever it is that I am doing…

It is so bad for Old Cat right now that she has to adjust her speed and height to offset her mass ~ more than once this week she has missed her targets by a fair bit … and yes, I ROFLMAO at her.

So… today ~

I’m working away at my table, and they begin the daily competition for my attention. Little Cat does her mad dash past my things, stealing a pen, or watching, and waiting patiently for me to drop something off the table. I oblige and drop her a pen ~

while she is chasing the pen about under my feet, Old Cat begins her run…relatively speaking…

**PLOP** O.C drops right in the middle of my drawing.

We stare at one another, she blinks malevolently, and looks away.

Me? I’m having none of that, and give her a poke ~ right in the hind end.


Nothing. no reaction at all…

**poke poke**

nothing. Again.

**poke poke poke**

Again nothing.



Holes worthy of a twilight vampire magically appear on my hand, and before I can think to smack her back…

**Evasive LAUNCH**




The sumo of cathood makes a direct hit in the communal water bowl.

I’ve not had the pleasure of her company since… takes a long time to recover from such indignities don’tcha know.


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