grayness is a constant…

Oddly enough, the sky actually had some blue in it yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon sitting the bay(ish) window reading a book in the sun…

Loved it ~ but today, the nuclear fog has returned, and I’ve been out and about enough in it to make me feel grumpy. I try not to be, but I can not make it work…

So I hide up here where there isn’t anyone human to annoy or be annoyed by.

I feel smart… **sigh**

Or guess I should say I feel as smart as I can while having nuclear fog hanging over my head for weeks on end.

Spent the time planning a garden, and trying to see if I can actually get seeds started myself this year. I’ve not had the best of luck with the commercially started things in the past years ~ they put their plants out way to early for my area, and by the time I can actually get a shovel in the dirt here at the house, the healthy starts are gone…

Not sure how I would do this, but I’ve an idea now. Went to many online catalogs to see what I can find ~ I’d like to grow what is not called “heritage” seeds.

thinking seriously about a four (or so) hen flock too. **shrug** we shall see, it is only the first of February.

Lovin’ Chuck tonight.  Nerd Herd… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

Okay, I’m fine now.

I leave you with a Bokeh… of my own making. It is slow, but I am learning.



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