Nearly 10 in the morning, and I have done nothing ~ except go feed the horses.

And get my car from the restaurant parking lot.

And stopped by the grocery store to buy myself a doughnut.

And stopped by Starbucks to buy myself a double shot Latte’

Now,  a bit hungover,  hyped on sugar and caffeine, I am going to attempt to get this blog entry on the books.

**snort** I am typing backward as much as forward… backspacing at least once for every one keystroke frontwards…

yeah.  It’s pretty bad.

Last night was the memorial for a friend, she died a week ago Monday from Ovarian cancer.  I did not go,  for it was way back East ~ like on the other side of the Mississippi River.

So, I raised a glass (or four) for her yesterday afternoon. (okay, you got me, it was five) Ran into some friends, so it kind of escalated (yes,  it was more than five…)

Honestly? I have NO idea how much I drank ~ I was quite inebriated by 5 O’clock in the afternoon.

I walked home ~ made it fine ~ or at least no one called about the drunk lady walking along our road.

I do not drink that much, have to admit here that I was quite unprepared for how cruddy I feel today ~ I wonder if the little gray cells in my head that are supposed to store the memories of such events have malfunctioned or something… perhaps after so many years, they have just gone dormant?


Dormancy… that sounds wonderful.

I am going to go practice dormancy…


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