Spent yesterday doing things ~ exactly what things, I have NO idea, because the day went by in a blur.

Actually, I worked most of the day, and exhausted myself ~ very stupid thing to do.

The exhaustion, not the work. Though… the work may not last. **sigh**

It felt good to work though ~ because earlier this week I had gotten a fair number of email “thanks no thanks” turn down letters ~then this came up ~ it felt good be asked to work. Not sure the job is a good fit for neither myself nor my charge ~ but we shall see.

I will do this particular thing until I find something else. This means one of two possible things… 1) I’ll get two more jobs in the next week (crosses fingers) OR 2) I’ll do this until my charge passes away (101!!) because I can’t find anything else…


so… I am away to feed the ponies, and then start my shift.

go me.


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