I’m on my way…

“Running behind, running on, running into the sun, but I’m runnin’ behind….”

Name that tune! :p

Seriously, I am way behind the normal curve today. Got up late, fed the dogs late, forgot to put the coffee together last night to that the cats only had to push the button this morning…


I have been sharing a job with my mother, it will only last until the daughter of the 101 year old lady we are caring for gets here on the 15th of this month.  I am NOT going to continue to work with my mom… I can’t. All she wants to talk about is “the job” ~ AND!! (get this) I now get more shifts ~ because my mother discovered how MIND NUMBINGLY boring it is to care for someone in THEIR home.

While I knew it was an insane to try to share a job with mom,  it makes me a bit of money to pay this months bills.


“I’m on my way, to happiness today…”



I need to get a laptop…

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