Make it a good day…


Where is the time going? wow…Went to the city yesterday night to watch our basketball teams play. Girls won by 20 points and the boys would have won by 30, but both coaches let the JV play, and it turned out that their boys hit 3-1 over ours … but we still won by 20 points, which is what counted in the end.

We are going to districts now, both girls and boys. There is one more official game before the end of the regular season, but last nights game was the icing on the cake for our girls, and the last one needed for the boys. If the boys win on Friday, we go free and clear, no tie… I hope that will be the case, for their sake.

I will be VERY busy this coming weeks… ~:-)

Working today, and though the work can be mind numbing, I am happy to have it. I can see my horses out the front window, and that really does make it worth while. I am still actively looking for work though, something with normal hours and BENEFITS. Something steady until T3k is finished with school, and on her way to her life.

Haven’t talked to T2k in about a month now… not since I made the faux pa of commenting on her relationship choices… I did not know that I did not have the right to say what I think… **sigh**

**shrug** ah well. She is 19, she can make/recover from her own mistakes, right?


Sadly, the recovery always includes me…and yes, sometimes I mind. so… :p

I did text at the sperm donor, and he says that t2k and her beau will be back over on my side of the mountains sometime in March ~ they both work the rivers on this side during the summer months, and t2k was making sounds about working with the local horsie trail ride folks.

Again with the *shrug* ~ I will wait and see what happens.

My charge is waking up, I shall post and run.

make it a good day, m’kay?


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