What day is it anyways?

Life has been fairly insane since about this time last week…or what I perceive as this time last week anyways. Working split shifts really screws up a persons timelines…. SHEES!

Have made enough money to pay Februarys’ bills, and now am unemployed for two weeks.

O.O dammit.

so, I am actively seeking work … this job, though it pays okay, is NOT cutting it. Took three weeks to get paid for the first week of work, Now, I don’t work for two, making it highly probably that I won’t have ANY money for the next month…

I’m tired of this. VERY tired.

**sigh** SO! off to the Worksource office again today.  I hate that place. Depresses me terribly.

On the up side, I can now go to the second game(s) in the district play offs tonight…cheer our boys and girls to VICTORY!

wait… I THINK that is tonight…

What day is it anyways?


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