Been sick this week, I have spring fever…


omg, I so crack myself up.

**cough** okay, enough of that. I cough to much when I laugh.

Beautiful, though really cold day here today. The temps dropped down under 20F early this morning, and will most likely stay that way until the sun comes over the hill behind the house.  Today is my day shift, so I feed the horses on my way to work ~ that said, it just means that I am happy that I did not need to go out before the sun came over the hill.  With this crud, I have had trouble with getting chilled easily.

I feel as though I am in a holding pattern now, I’ve applied for work as many places as I dared for the summer months, I need to wait until I hear back from a few before I add more.  None of the jobs fit in with what I want to do with my life, but I need to do something to pay the bills ~ and hopefully one of the jobs will come with some decent health insurance.

I’ve a raging sinus thing going ~ it is so bad I can’t chew.  Hurts so bad I am seriously considering giving up eating… though liquids are a pain too ~ anything to hot, or to cold… **sigh**

I do have two teeth that are bad, but without money for a dentist…

sucks to be poor all the damn time, and it sucks badly…

**cough, gasp, wheeeeeeeeeze**

okay, away to work. yes, I should stay home, but… bills do not go away on their own.


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