okay, where was I??

this is getting bad, only updating once a week or so… I have no excuse, I do write things up to put in here ~ right now though I don’t even turn my computer on some days. Not since I can now check the emails through my phone…

technology is good, and bad as always.

the woman I work for is 101 years old, will be 102 this year ~ she is tired, and more and more often now she is talking about giving up. She is tired after so long, and isn’t sure what there is to keep going for any longer. Up until now, it has been her grandson and his family moving down here to live with her… but her only surviving daughter put her through the wringer about everything that could go wrong with that, so… now it is like she is giving up. I am upset with the daughter… I am only dealing with the grandson now.

Seriously, I have never met a more negative, self centered person in my life. And that INCLUDES my ex-husband…!!!

Spring break for the youngest, she is at her dads for the next few days. She’ll be here on Thursday night, then I will take her back to Mansfield on Sunday night.

Makes me see that it is nearly time for me to move on from this job… it caught a few things up, but I am not really happy with it. Never have been really, so… yeah. Not sure what I’ll do… never am though, so **shrug** nothing new there.

Okay… where was I??

Oh yeah ~ going to bed. I am now the night person ~ :-)

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