away, away, my hearts on fire…

Name that TUNE!!!

you will SOOO not get it, not in a million years. Not unless you work with me during the summers that is…

Today I am away to the BCoNW to see t3k. I’ve not really seen her since January, when work went full-time ~ I didn’t really have the money to travel back and forth, and when I had the money, I didn’t have the time.

Tonight I sleep on the floor of the hallway at the school. (say WHAT??!!!)

Yeah, you read that right… it is an overnight thing at the school ~ not sure what ages and things will be there, but they needed an adult (someone else canceled) (wonder why they called me?) and I needed something to do… worked out well. Not sure if I am going to spend Saturday with the kid or no ~ depends on how things go.

I miss it up there, wish I could just go stay. Part of that is the fact that I want to be anywhere but here…but it is a worthy place to consider staying.

To many loose ends here though, and I learn slowly… so it will be paid off slowly… **sigh**

I need to get off the computer, I’ve things to do, and (obviously) I am not getting them done AT ALL.

Wishing there was something real about magic…

“Away away!!!”


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