I give you fair warning…


what IS it with my life? why do I seem to be busier when I have no job than I am when I work full time at something? (anything???) It is so … wrong.

Took most of today off, I can not explain why really. I just felt like doing nothing I think, and so… that is what I did.

Absitively NOTHING.

Oh, I drove a friend to the airport in the city, and fed my horses.

Again, I find myself wondering what it is that I am “supposed” to be doing. As I have no clue (at this point) what I WANT to do…what is it I should do?

What am I good at? nothing.

What can I do? Everything.

There isn’t anything I can not do, and there isn’t anything I don’t do well…

It is a gift ~ yes… but it is also a curse, because I WANT to do everything ~ all things… at least once.

**sigh** within reason of course. there are things my morals will not allow me to do ~ like adultery? yeah. that.

okay, so… maybe I do need to think seriously about what I need to do here. what I want out of this life, besides what I already have…

giving myself a headache thinking about it…


I give you fair warning…this is either going to be fun, or…

Incredibly freakin’ dull.


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