oops…missed one…

Yesterday was sunny here in North Central Washington ~ I wasn’t on the computer very much. Not a good blogger type sometimes I guess…

Today, however, it is rainy and nasty. I did get most of the replanting done though, the plants are less stressed if they are re-potted/planted when it is cooler than when it is hotter.

Makes sense, right?

:) oh yeah, me, the master gardener… NOT.

Listening to the soundtrack live stream from the third movie in the twilight saga ~ Eclipse ~ and… I don’t like it. I didn’t care for the music they had for New Moon either, but as it is a teeny bopper movie, I suppose that all these chopped up weird sounds are to be expected. Nothing like Bellas’ lullaby anywhere on the thing… **shrug** their loss ~ they won’t sell as much to the oldsters in the group this way, but I am sure that loss can be afforded.

Lets see… what HAVE I done today?

eyp! that is it… repotted plants.


missed one though… oops.

yeah, about that…

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