no work to be had for me…

Today is sunny at least, though I ache abominably ~ the moving parts don’t move so good right now, and sitting down, laying down, standing up, staying awake, sleeping, reading, writing, typing… they are all a painful chore.

Fibroshititus ~ my new word for fibromyalgia ~ really, really, really sucks.

Tomorrows’ chore is to begin to figure out how to get this whole thing fixed, or, at the very least, patched. I have nothing to offer any potential employers, and I think they all know it ~ could be why the 77th job turn down came in the email today. AND!!! I have decided that I am so totally going to stop giving out my email address, for it is a LOUSY way to hear you are not being considered for a job. Believe what you will, but I think it sucks.

Only one more day in this week, and I’ve done absolutely nothing for the first three days. It is so hard sometimes, this chronic fatigue/fibrowhatsis. Depression is the biggest factor I think ~ well, that and lack of good sleep.

So…onward ~ into the breach!

Hard to go onward when you’ve nothing to go on with…ya know?


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