good thought though ~ right?


six of the clock in the morning on the west coast… and in reality, it is only five a.m ~ my body never does adjust to daylight savings time.


As I age, I find that time has less and less meaning to me, especially now that I am down to one child here at home. I pretty much get up, go to work (when I have it) come home, and… do whatever.

There is no longer any set schedule in my life, and I really kind of like it that way. The openings that this leaves for every possibility in my life is tremendous, and …

yeah. Now, if only Viggo would get his shit together and we could get married, and…



I think that I have confused everyone by being up this early ~ perhaps I shall climb back in my lovely clean bed and sleep for a bit longer. The birds are done greeting the day, and the animals have all had their morning constitutionals ~ the likelihood that anyone would bother me before noon is pretty small…

The idea has merit.

yeah, yeah… I know. Gots stuff to do…

was a good thought though ~



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