That would make it Thursday, right?

Been a bit of an insane week here ~ I have not even had time to apply for any jobs ~ (not that this is any great loss, but in principle, this is a bad thing)

For the past two weeks (minus the countless hours of planning time) my sis and mom have been tearing out the old carpet on the lower level of the house here. This required a LOT of moving of shelves and the schtuff contained within the shelves…

Long story short (okay, I’m taking out the whining that I would normal do here) we moved a TON of books off of shelves that were nailed to the walls, then removed the shelving ~ some of it had to be sacrificed to the circular saw ~ and all the while biting our tongues about the uselessness of the stuff we were moving… (oops, said I would not whine… sorry!)

Once that was done, and the old nasty carpet ripped out, the floor needed to be leveled ~ pretty cool process actually ~ and it was ready for the installation of the composite snap together flooring.

BUT!!! I needed to run t3k to Spokane to spend time with T1k and SIL.

So, Tuesday, after much tearing about myself with normal chores, and helping to finish emptying the house, I ran t3k to Spokane ~ slept (badly) Tuesday night, left Spokane area at 7 a.m on Wednesday ~ Arrived here to do my normal morning chores, then sort of helped my brother, his girlfriend, my younger sister, and my older sister install the composite…

(They all arrived yesterday just to help my older sister with the work ~ :-) And to meet Brudders girlfriend. Absolutely adorable woman!!! :) )

So… they finished the floor, and we went and ate pizza at Rudloofs (WONDERFUL by the way) and then crashed about 10 p.m. ~

Now, into the breach for today…

**counts on fingers**

That would make it Thursday, right?


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