I’d much appreciate it

Tis Saturday ~the last day of my week ~ and this week has been a busy one.

My brother brought his girlfriend to meet us, and they stayed to help my sisters lay the new composite floor for my moms aging and beginning to crumble house. Personally, I would have put a new roof on first, but … due to circumstances beyond my control, I do not say such things aloud…

At least “they” got my mom to begin repairing the place, ya know?

I realized today just how crazy my life is, and I don’t even have a REAL job… don’t know how I am EVER going to manage if I get paying work ~ shees!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d take ANYTHING in a heartbeat now…

I am so very tired, driving back and forth across the state of Washington has a lot to do with that ~ I really can not drive as easily as I once could, therefore I just should NOT do it. But, I continue to try to help my girls do what they can to get on with life…

Which, to my chagrin, is more than my physical body can handle occasionally.

SO!!! Today I sit on my backside and do what I can, and not a lick more ~

Can not tell you how long it took me to learn to say “do what I can” instead of “do as little as possible” or (worse yet) “do nothing” ~ while I know it is all in the semantics, it really does makes me feel better about myself be able to tell me that I am “doing what I can” ~

hey… It is good that I am (at last) becoming able to allow myself that latitude ~ I have the ability to beat myself up so badly that I can become quite paralyzed…and end up really doing nothing at all … if the ability to brow beat oneself into a slimy puddle of goo were a good thing for a resume, it would definitely be on the top of my ability list.

**sigh** At least I AM working on it, right?


The house is quiet, I am thinking’ it is nap time…

UGH ~ just as I want to rest, kitties both use the litter box …

I think they are trying to keel me daid…wow. O.O !!!!

Please… Send search parties if this thing isn’t updated by Monday!??

I’d much appreciate it.

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