So… Today is Tuesday, the … uh… what? Twenty-second of June?

All I can say is wow, followed closely by several exclamation points ~ yeah. LOTS of exclamation points.

If you read the previous posts, you know my younger brother was here to visit, and introduce the woman that he has become attached to ~ she is an absolutely adorable person, with a sense of humor that seems to fit right in with our family…

Poor girl… :)

ANYWAYS… shees, do I ramble and get sidetracked or WHAT???



Lets see… Friday was spent doing up little stuff, my younger sister and I went to Cashmere to get more straw for the impending delivery of Callies’ foal ~ the picture doesn’t do it justice about how big she had gotten!

Saturday was spent catching up at the barn, there was a LOT of poo that I had not gotten to while the company was here ~ every four hours I would drive over to check on Callie mama ~ she had been looking uncomfortable most of the day.

Early Sunday morning, I went over ~ was somewhere between midnight and two ~ came home and fell SOUND asleep…

Got back to the barn on Sunday morning at 8 ~ And BOOM!
There was this tiny little foal lying in the stall ~ beautiful little filly, as dainty as it could be.

Stupid horse went and did things without me, just as horses do…

I did the dirty work, got everyone and everything cleaned up ~ Only to have the baby develop a severe case of diarrhea ~ bad business in a foal less than 24 hours old.

I spent Sunday night and the wee hours of Monday morning with Callie and baby ~ it was a weird balancing act of being there enough to help the baby, and not so much I made mama crazy… ALL the horror stories of what happens when a foal is that sick came to the forefront of my poor little pea brain…

Of course, I have NO idea what I am doing, this is only my second horse baby… and the first one was hale and hearty ~ his Mama was a first timer, so it was just a matter of getting her instincts to kick in, a MUCH easier thing to do.

Soon, little girl filly baby will be doing just what Bandit does…

Askin’ through the gate for a good scratch behind the ears.


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