She knows where I sleep…

My Old Cat sleeps where ever there is a warm spot left ~ if I get up from my chair for any reason, she will get up and take over the spot my body has so nicely warmed for her…

Little Cat, being a skinny bit of a thing, prefers the sun that generally shines directly in the front window of the room ~ The window is currently in summer curtain ~ which consists of a double length of heavy fabric in a dark color, with a lighter color fabric hanging on the window side of that to help reflect the sun away from the room.

Yesterday, during the nap hours that are strictly adhered to (10 a.m – 10 p.m. ) ~ Little Cat basked in the glory of the great yellow orb ~ stretching luxuriously on the sill between the curtains, soaking up the rays like she has lived above the Arctic Circle for the past six months.

As she stretched out on the sill, I could see her shadow, a faint outline on the fabric of the dark curtain. Her purr was loud enough to nearly drown out the tapping of my keys here on the keyboard.

All was quiet as she slowly dropped into stuporous slumber, the sun baking her tiny bones, the heat working its’ magic at removing the ache of having to chase Old Cat off the bed yesterday morning while mom tried to sleep…

The sleepy silence went on, occasionally interrupted by the click of my mouse and my tapping on the keyboard ~

Until Little Cat decided to stretch, completely forgetting that the “wall” of fabric about her was NOT solid. The tale was then told in shadow puppetry ~

**STREEEEEEEETCH** went the kitty shadow

**YAWN** says the kitty shadow face

**FLIP** goes the kitty shadow body, so as to bake the other side…


Down came kitty, curtain and all.

While she struggled out of the mess, I could do nothing but laugh at her. I was quite powerless to offer any assistance what-so-ever.

Little Cat took offense at this ~ As soon as she was free, she stalked over to my chair and gave my ankles a sound thrashing with all four paws.

After disciplining me soundly ~ and with the air of dignity only a cat can muster after such a thing, she went back up into the now completely bare window ~ gracefully ascending to the sill via the back of my reading chair.

There, she daintily set her backside down and with much aplomb and attention to detail ~ curled her tail over all four feet.

Then… She sat glaring at me with narrowed eyes the entire time it took me to get the curtains back up.

I know in my heart of hearts that she is plotting against me… the worst kind of revenge awaits me, probably sooner than later.

Yes. She IS that kind of kitty ~ and she knows where I sleep.


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