Nearly noon, and I have only just finished my first cup of coffee….

wow. I am REALLY tired. I do not sleep well in the heat, and the fan that is necessary to sleep is AH-NOYING!!!!!!

Haven’t even been over to feed the mama mare and her ghost child yet… means the new poo is sweltering in the sun and the … Oh never mind… to horrific to think on.

So… I wake up to some serious stink this morning ~ one of the dogs has the WORST methane emission going ~ so I hop up to let them out.

no big deal, right? I crawl back in for a catnap with Little Cat...

We are getting all settled in, and for reasons I can not fathom, she decides that I should have taken my earrings out before I went to bed last night~ this being so, she takes it upon herself to help me take them out…

One of them has a loose back, and that is the one that she happened to pick ~ and before I figured out what was going on, she had it out of my earlobe… and she promptly dropped the damn thing IN MY EAR.

I sit upright (place your favorite expletives here) and go to tip my head sideways…not WORKING!!!

I can’t roll easily due to four pounds of fur and paininthebuttishness I will no longer call a cat. (LITTLE S#$%$@%$THAID!!)

So… I try to get out of bed… not WORKING!!!!

Little Cat has attached herself to me…all 18 claws are through the fabric of the blanket, through my shirt and INTO my right… er… well… (warning!!! possible PG CONTENT) my right boob.

**insert more swearing here**

By now, I am all tangled in my bedding, tripping on the trailing blanket, stepping on the other cat, trying to disengage the hairy tumor from my chest ~

Which was TOTALLY impossible without damage ~ I now have enough piercings in my right boob to rival any heavy metal rocker out there.

**eyes the cat**

De-clawing just might have its’ merits.

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