Monday, number 28…

For some reason, I am totally exhausted today… I think the stuff I take for moderate to severe allergic reactions has a tendency to give me insomnia the night after I take it ~ had peanut butter based food yesterday, and it slapped me pretty good. Could not talk for a bit (yeah, that is a good thing) but did not get to the point where I could not breathe.

Lets see… fire season has begun here in the PNW ~ North Central Washington at least. I (for once) am happy that my youngest is in the city at her fathers house ~ one less worry there.

The “current” fire has nothing to do with me right now, it is well to the East of here ~ by road anyways. The way the crow flies, it is less than 20 miles ~ so the smoke can be seen easily. The wind today is very bad ~ worrisome for many in the area of the fire.

Thank all the powers that be for firefighters of all sorts and agencies, eh?

This is a picture looking up Swakane from the East side of the Columbia River ~ that is Lincoln Rock at the left of the picture, highway 97A is at the base of the dirt mound on the right side of the photo. I don’t have any thing bigger right now, but it gives you an idea of the terrain that the fire is in. Long cool absolutely wonderful growing season up until now, so there is a lot of light fuel for the fire to run through.

Hopefully the wind will not wreak to much havoc, not heard anything today ~ been out doing the ETS.


This is Monday, number 28…

only 24 left in 2010.

I’m going to use it wisely…

by taking a nap.


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