I need a nap…

It is Tuesday… I think somewheres around the 20th of July… currently I have to check such things, for my weeks/days/months all run together in the summer ~ ’tis the work I do that has things confused.


yeah, I know… easily done, eh?

not the work, the confusing thing… :-)

Lets see…

T3k arrived on Sunday, she was supposed to go on to the BCoNW from here. BUT!!! She was stopped by a State Patrol officer on I-90 ~ EAST of Ellensburg. Supposedly going 14 miles over the speed limit in a car that can barely make the speed limit. ~ O.o ~

yeah. **shrug**

the REAL thing is that she has expired tabs. No big deal, right?



The car, being her fathers, lives in King County and because it lives in King County, every two years said car must have an emissions test. This is the two year mark for that car.

Father says ” I thought I had done it” ~ (jerk)


And to make matters worse, Chelan County does not HAVE anywhere to do the emissions testing ~ least not that I can find. The one person that may have been able to help me with that returned from her vacation today ~ and I have put a message on her VM for a call ~ though I do not think I will hear from her before T3k goes back to the city ~ in an illegal car…As long as she is headed back to Seattle, she should not get in trouble for the tabs… IF she gets stopped again.

There were other ways around this problem, but none of them will work without a bit of cooperation from her father ~ and he evidently is not in a place where he can actually help ~ physically or mentally.

SO!!! Me? I’m here with the cereal queen, watching reruns of CSI on SPIKE….


My tiny space in this house is quite crowded with the extra human ~ the extra stuff, the extra cat and dog, the extra …



I seem to forget (way too easily) what it is like to have a teenage girl living with me. The ups and downs (which are crazy enough on their own) and those, compounded by the ZIP ZAM ZOWIE and SWOOSH of almost manic energy, followed by the lull which is filled with the drone of the television….

**Lather, Rinse, Repeat**

Once an hour for 12 hours of the day…

How quickly I forget…I am totally drained by the end of the day.

On the upside? I am happy to have her…

But damn me if I don’t need a nap just thinking about it.

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