Let me know, okay?

Been up for over an hour now, and have accomplished exactly …. nothing.

Zero, Zip, NADDA.

I am going to start a petition for a day of sleep ~ a day where all responsibilities are taken care of by a group of non paid volunteers…


Sadly, there are many many things that I have allowed to slip past ~ like vacuuming the rugs, dusting the furniture, and the laundry….

OMG I KNOW!!! It is such a shock to find out that I would EVER allow the laundry to go undone until I ran out of things to wear…


Okay, you can stop laughing now…

Seriously…stop. You are going to give yourself a stomach ache…

It’s okay, I’ll wait…

**jeopardy music**


Well ~ never mind, I’m going to go on without you…


I’m tired ~ I am now on day 25 of a 26 day run with the summer theater ~ July is always like this and I can not complain to loudly for I am in very good company ~ the entire cast/crew is dragging something awful ~ I consider myself one of the fortunate, because I have no lines to memorize, and I haven’t been doing this since the first week of June! Still… I am nearly at a point where I do not know if I am coming in or going out the revolving door that is the rest of my life ~(yes, cliched, sorry)~

Be that as it may, I like what I do.

what do I do? OH!

I operate the sound board/effects. Fancy title words for the my real job… I’m the lady that turns the microphones on and off at the appropriate times on a big board that looks like this:

And I do it for all three shows. I am slowly learning how to make people sound better through their microphones ~ it is interesting to hear actually. I am AMAZED at how much you can “fix” a person, though there ARE limits. No power behind the voice? Can’t BE fixed.


This is the view from my “office” ~ 400+ outdoor amphitheater, I sit at the top of it.

Easy to see why I like it, eh? (photo was taken last summer, at intermission near the end of August)

All three shows are now up and running, I am expecting (read: hoping) that life will get more normal now. School begins for T3k in about a month, with volleyball starting in three weeks…

yeah… when you figure out “normal” let me know, okay?

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