Today is my Friday, though I do two days in this one ~ I begin at 11:30 or so, and finish up at about 11 tonight ~ there is just enough time in between the matinee and the night shows to feed the horses.

When there was only the one (bubba~bud) there was time to eat also… soon though they will all be in the upper field and I won’t have to work as hard…

shees. Wish all my work was as “hard” as it is to keep the horses going properly. I would SOOOO be in heaven.

The field where the horses live is irrigated ~ and the sprinklers are up in the air about six feet (taller than me) ~ works wonderfully, the horses don’t mess them up that way.

During this past week, I decided to go up the field to talk to the main herd of three ~ when I got up there Bud was all lovey, so I led him over to the wood pile and climbed on ~

Doesn’t bother him a bit that I am there. I just sit and he is eating away…

For some reason, he decides he is going to go to the barn ~ guess somewhere in his horsey brain he remembered that I mean food…

We start wandering to the barn ~

**wander wander**

Then Bandit begins to trot around Bud, doing this circle thing…

**circle circle circle**

Bud walks a bit faster…

The 300 pound pest speeds up too.

Bud walks faster …

Pest goes faster…

Here I am, sitting up there on this million foot tall horse with absolutely no steerage/stoppage equipment on him ~ and we are very nearly at a trot.

So, I do what one does when signaling a horse to slow down… you shift your weight backward, toward their back end.

Guess what?

It worked. He stopped completely!

I was all impressed ~ loved him up, handed him a treat from my pocket ~ (he is stiff, he could barely reach!)

After communing thusly for a few more moments, I give him the “go” cluck noise and a touch with my heels ~

**walk walk walk**

Up ahead, the sprinklers.

Bud does not like the water falling on his horsey head, he generally waits for them to be pointed away ~ I am confident that he will slow down, or go around, or …

**sigh** I was very wrong. With a rider on him, he again does what he is supposed to do ~ plows straight on…

Now ~ Me + Bud = the EXACT height of the sprinkler heads.

Before I can think, we are in the sprinkler line ~ Bud ducks his head a bit (I am sure he has done this before) and it misses him…

And smacks me full force ~ directly into my right ear.


**gurgle, sputter**

**swear words concerning general lineage and brains of horses**

**gurgle, sputter**

I am quite sure Bud gloated the rest of the day over the score on his human with the sprinklers.

“Didja see what I DID to her! LOL! And they think they are smart…”


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