I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…

I am going about my business today, having much to do and so little time to do it in…

What that means is that I am doing my laundry.

I actually DID laundry last Sunday, but I failed to get it all put away, which makes it fair game for they that like to sleep in the laundry basket…

which “they” do only if the laundry is clean… the ratfinks.


So… three loads later, I am nearly finished. My whites are in the machine, and I go to get them out…

I ALWAYS have a full load of whites ~ things that I wash in hot water and all fabric bleach.

These items include my underwire brasseries. (yes, BRAS ~ !!!)

They all go in this handy dandy little mesh bag, which is supposed to keep them from getting tangled in the rest of the spinning mass of fabrics…

Works beautifully ~ until said mesh bag decides to blow apart during the laundering process.


No biggie, I just have to search through the clothes as I go so I don’t put the underwires in the dryer…

**search search**

AH HA!!! (Bud Frump voice)

I find one, reach in to grab it ~

Seems to be stuck…



**harder yank**


**even HARDER yank**


**mother of ALL tugs**






Nailed myself, dead center of my forehead.


Who KNEW that bras are made of this wonderful stuff stretchy material known as ELASTIC?

Can’t begin to say how happy I am that I do not wear coconut shell bras.



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