I can’t HEAR you!!

Wow. exhaustion has set in, and I am getting sick. Summer time colds REALLY stink, though I can’t smegl a ting…


You’d think I’d learn, but NOOOOOOOOOOO…. I don’t.

Actually, that is not true. I DO know how to slow down, there are times when I just don’t see any way to drop the gear jammin’ pace and still meet the deadlines of the week.

Yes, yes… I am challenged that way.

Having graham crackers crumbled up in cow milk this morning ~ poor womans cold cereal.

Hey… better than dipping the crackers in my coffee, right? :p

The list of things to do today has nothing on it ~ unless I count the dreaded laundry… **sigh**

Piles and mounds and tons of laundry…

Not quite sure how one person can create so much havoc ~

I’d like to know how this

can go to THIS



Apply within… the sooner, the better.

Because I think the EPA just might be after me….


thanks for the pictures go to willow baskets and the muppets and the odd picture from the internet for the basket plaque

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