Sunset awaits my dearest…

Okay, I suppose the question should actually be “what is with this WEEK?”

I am dragging backside ~ badly too. High energy at work has a tendency to drain me more than most things ~ staying on the ball for three straight hours is harder than it looks.

Lets see…

The number one thing I have to remember right now is to not type with my hands one key to the right on my keyboard… comes out something like this:

tjr wiovl btpem gpc kki,[rf pbrt tjr ;szu fpg

**snort** that should actually read: “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”


EYUP!!! there you have my week up until now. Summed up in nine jumbled words.


What I have learned this week thus far….

    ♦Monday is Monday no matter what day of the week it lands on.
    ♦Things do in life do not always get better with practice…
    ♦Try as you might, there are some things that you just can not learn to like…
    ♦Red Vines are the answer to all ills…
    ♦The technical end of live theater is totally exhausting…
    ♦Few on the stage will understand this. Expect no sympathy, or thanks.
    ♦Horses do care if you are in a bad mood, they just don’t care if you stay that way…
    ♦Because they do not care, you have to watch where their feet are.
    ♦take evasive action if you forget the above…
    ♦Eat all five colors of Skittles at once…they taste better that way.
    ♦Horse + Oats = nasty farts.
    ♦When startling a cat awake, be sure cat is not lying on your person.
    ♦If you forget the above…
    ♦Patch all holes made by cat promptly so that you do not bleed to death.
    ♦Ask for help for the ones you can not reach.
    ♦Do not wear a white t-shirt until bleeding stops. Stains do not come out so well.
    ♦Do not sleep on white sheets for reason stated above…


And today is only my Wednesday…

Off we go viggo! Sunset awaits…






Hold that thought, okay?


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  1. drokka says:

    So what you’re saying is that you should wear some sort of armor at all times.

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