We’ve ponies to feed before work…

This week has been fairly insane.

For me anyways.

I always think that things will slow down, and I will have “time” ~ never could I be more wronger about anything ever in the historical context of this odd thing I call “my life”!!!??


I just get one thing done, and I find I have the same things to do over again (and again (and again) and again) ~ those things just take different forms.

Different forms of the same thing… hmm… that doesn’t look totally right, but I’m going with it ~ because that is how I end up feeling ~ Like ~ no matter what I do I it ends up the same ~ irregardless of how many different ways I try to do stuff.

SO! That leads to what can I do differently? I think that it is now not the doing, that it is now the goal that was set. I need to change the goal. I have got to change where I am going with all this.

I think.

I also think I may have just thinked myself into confusion … **sigh** so easily done these days.

Gotta hit it for today, I’ve two days to pack into one today~

Then I am off to the plateau for a day or two.

WOOT!!! Headed for where it actually feels like home.

Come on Viggo ~ get yer backside outta bed.

We’ve ponies to feed before work.


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