I have cats WHY????

Yesterday was very long, and very painful. I am pushing the limits of my personal envelope ~ only three more, not counting tonight.

At least I will have company on Saturday night ~ :-)

Lets see.

Budman pulled up lame yesterday or the day before. Being the mess I am, I had to have help with him. (thanks David!!) but I am happy to say that there isn’t anything serious, and he is in terrible need of a hoof trim.

Got that all taken care of ~ got home, and Bax decided to go UNDER the car instead of around the thing… he fits under the trucks without a problem, but…

yeah. so… He burned his back ~ had to doctor that, and then decided I would just bathe everyone…

THEN… after work last night I get home to a cat (small one) that has eaten a piece of dental floss.

Floss came out the back end, but stopped half way out…

yes… EW.

There were stripes of poop everywhere, and I had to change the sheets on my bed because there were spots where she had apparently sat down to try to get the string out herself….

THEN…. she made me CHASE her ~ (UGH UGH UGH)


I had to pull her string, and she growled at me the whole time I was doing it.

The ungrateful wretch.

*note to self: trim Little Cats claws*

I have cats…. WHY???

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