in the moment…


Today is the last day of August 2010. Day number 243 of this year… wow. Where did the summer go? Fall officially begins in 23 days ~

I love Fall ~ the smells, the sounds… everything is getting ready for the big sleep.

Best part is that I can sleep all night without fan noise.

I have wrapped up the summer theater work now… company picnic was last night. No clue if I will be back next season or not, though I have agreed to do the sound for Christmas… IF I am in the valley with a work schedule that will hold it up.

**sigh** I feel sad that I may be leaving the area, but at the same time, I am SOOOO ready to do so. I shall miss all, expecially since I just now got myself … well… to the point where I am able to trust people….

**sigh** (yes, again)

Today is filled with… (what else?)

eyup! you guessed it.



On the upside, my mom beat me to the machine, so I can legitimately wait until tomorrow…

Not sure if I want to do that though… ugh. Life is so full of terrible (snerk) decisions…

It is sooo unfair.

~:-) so…

I have decided to do nothing ~

There is something to be said for “being in the moment” eh?

Come on Viggo, lets go play with the ponies!


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