Fart wars

It feels good to have a day (or two) to do as little as I want to do… though today I MUST do the laundry.

Seems no one is answering my ad for help ~

Bueller? anybody??


Well, I suppose I must do it myself.

BLEAAAAH!! (I Love Lucy voice)

Today, it is doubly important that I do laundry ~

I gave Baxter a bath, so he has been allowed to sleep on the bed.

The last couple of nights have been fairly cold, so he will burrow under the covers to sleep.

The Little Cat ~ she always sleeps under the covers.

Last night, they BOTH wanted under, and neither of them wanted to share the space ~ and even AFTER I yelled at them they continued to bicker…

Cat: **growl**
Bax: **growl**
mom: “SHUDDUP!”


Cat: **growl**
Bax: **growl**
mom: “SHUDDUP!”


FINALLY it is quiet, so I settle in to sleep…

Suddenly, I am assaulted by this horrific smell… It is so bad that Old Dog gets up from her nest and comes over the side of the bed to investigate…

I (stupid human that I seem to be occasionally) lift the covers with a foot ~ Old Dog gets a smallish whiff, and BACKS AWAY…

Me? Can you say “OH MAN, THAT is HORRIBLE! Dude! SMELL THIS!!!!” ~


I flip the covers back ~

And this cloud toxic fumes rises from my bed…

(NO it was NOT me…shees!!)

I tossed Bax and Old Dog out into the garage for the night, and putting the fan on in the window, went to sleep…

Enough smell stayed in the bed linens that I HAD to wash everything this morning. Me, sheets, duvet, quilt… the only thing saved were the various pillows.

I’ve reassured Baxter that if it happens again tonight, it will be the cats’ turn to spend the night in the garage.


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