Been a WEEK!!!

It has been over a week since I put anything in here ~

Bad Susan… BAAAAAAAAD Susan…


Week ago yesterday, I went over to the field to find that Callie (old lady of the crowd at 15) was in some serious pain. Got her to the barn, and she was all stiff in the hind legs, and did not want to walk to well (ever drag 1000 pounds of unwilling horse? NOT easy) but we got there.

Called the vet ~ colic with some kind of blockage and gastrointestinal bug…

Tubed her, and then waited. Finally began cleaning herself out, and she is doing way better… but that meant trips to the barn ever two hours for three days, then four-hour increments, then six…

Three bales of hay later… AND 35 bucks worth of antibiotics … she is much better. I am very sure her teeth need doing.

I am finally sleeping through the night again, and I go over… feed Callie and her foal ~ it is raining insanely at this point, and the other mare (Angel) decides SHE is going to block up… though hers is “choke”.

Oh my lord!!! If you want to see something insanely scary, watch a horse choke. Their heads go down into their shoulders, and they heave… and heave… and if they are lucky, things come out their noses…

Drooling green loogies ~ we waited for the vet…

Then, he tubed her, and the block was substantial, but it gave way after a bloody nose for her. She went back out on the field without any trouble what so ever ~

Fast forward to yesterday… I get back to the field, and the landlord is all angry.

Apparently, he caught the Budman eating some trees… and instead of trying to figure out how to stop the horse from doing such things, he has ordered the horses OFF the property. Even threatened to shoot them…

**sigh** yeah. so now… I search for a place for them to go until I am able to sell them.

For I am seriously tired of fighting uphill battles ~ I am done with it all. No, it is not what I want, but there really isn’t anything else I can do.

Dream shot in the ass yet again… always happens.

Always happens. ***sigh***

Time to go feed, and move the little bags to different limbs. Then?

**shrug** no idea. Nearly done in with everything, and so tired it hurts to move.

I’d cry for help, but no one cares… **sigh**

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