See? BRUISE!!!

So…lets see.

They tell me that today is Sunday, the 19th of the month of September, the year of our Lord 2010.

This, (of course) begs the question… “where has September gone?” T2k will be 20 in four days. T3k is already 18. T1k is on her way to being… old. (*snicker* )


Seriously, just… WOW.

I think that today I am feeling every minute minutiae of my age… each cell in my body aches with some kind of pain ~ nothing feels right at all.

no, this truly isn’t anything new, but I just am feeling it a bit more today.

The past two nights have had a lot more sleep, and so I actually think I can make some sort of sense here now.

Last Tuesday evening, I was watching a Volleyball game here in Mansfield ~ less than six points into the game, T3k and a teammate were involved in a crash… The team mate landed on T3ks’ upper left arm, and cracked the humorous in three major parts…

Trip down the plateau to the hospital was a long one. Every bump and rut was felt intimately by T3s’ arm, and through her suffering to me. (DAMN Douglas County and their cruddy roads!!!) (heh…)

We got to the ER at about 5:30 p.m. They were not busy, but no one seemed to sure that T3 was actually hurt… I was about to get upset when the nurse gave an odd little snort and said “you aren’t from here” …

Uh… What? If we were from “here”, we’d like what? Be faking it?

Poor T3… anyways ~ after that, the doc showed up and we toddled off to xray.

**zhhut zhhut**

Sure enough the dang thing was borked… (imagine that???) (WOW!!) (:-P)

The nurse comes back, and is a LOT better. Seems that people go to the ER for odd things like… itchy arms, and peeling sunburns…

(**sigh** as a mini rant here, I get a bit tired of stupid people screwing the system up for those that really need it…)

After that, the orthopedic dude stopped in, and we were off to get a CT of her elbow…

Sure enough, the dang thing was borked… but the CT showed the extent of the damage better. Bits of Ash were kind of drifting in her arm ~ ’twas ugly.

After a consult with the main ortho man, surgery was scheduled for 6 a.m. A shot of morphine in the butt, and t3 was admitted to the Brewster hospital.

I wasn’t sure what to do from there ~ So, the ER nurse kind of took over ~ Lord bless her forever for doing so. I was allowed to stay in the room with my kid …

In the dark hours of the morning, they come to give T3 the stuff to make her sleepy… At 6, they wheel her away… stoned out of her mind from morphine, she points into the space above her left arm and tells the knockout dude that she has a bruise on her arm…

As her right arm strays across her vision, she says “SEE? BRUISE!!!”


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