just in case

I am currently at my moms house, t3k stayed with some friends last night as there are no spaces to sleep here at the gmas’ house…

yes, my moms “stuff” takes up her entire house.


Being here has pretty much cured me of “stuff” ~ I find that, sometimes, for me it is to the point of tossing “stuffindiscriminately ~ just opening a big garbage bag and tossing it in for the trip to the goodwill.

Sadly ~ my mom has begun returning some of my stuff to me … Mostly it is the stuff that she kept without my knowledge, much of it the stuff are stuffs that I gave away long ago ~ things she must have rescued from the goodwill bag or something, because “I” might want it someday.


no, I need no more “STUFF”

Stuff is nonsense.

Nonsense is keeping stuff that you do not need…biggest thing is that you really do need to look through the stuff ~

You know… just in case you might need some of the stuff…


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