the one and only…

So… today I am still in Mansfield ~ I went back to Leavenworth for more clothes (which reminds me, I have things waiting to go in the dryer) then ran back up here so that t3k could go to school this morning…

I spend a LOT of time on the road these days, ’tis a good thing I actually LIKE to drive.

Poor car is about shot though ~ need to sell and find something more suited for snowish conditions.

The cats in L’town miss me ~ Little Cat slept on my person the entire night I was there… LITERALLY on my person. Poor things… (not) at least they have one another, right?

Old Dog is adjusting to being an only mutt again, though Bananers was there for the night with us ~ we have found a good home for the rescued dog ~ worked out so far. I may (knock on wood) get him back, but the family he went to is wonderful with animals, and they will love him as I never had time to do.

Lets see…

Busily applying for work, though none seems to pan out. I have to try to stay around here until t3k is finished with highschool ~ then the world is going to be wondering where the hell I came from!!!

heh… ~:-)

Things are so very rough right now though. t1k and her hubby have to move again, and there is no place for them to go TO… and I have not yet gotten a place to live ~ work is so hard to come by that I can’t afford to stay where there is minimal work… like up here.


juju is all bad now.

It is hard when if feels as if the world does not care… very hard.

Just makes it very hard to keep going.

On to the next thing, trying to get a transcript from the one and only college I graduated from.

With OUT having to drive down there in person.


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