always with the threes…

Spent the day doing little to nothing on the move/work front.

Bright and early this morning, when I went to let Old Dog outside, she literally slid more than half way down the stairs ~ on her belly.

Got her in to my lovely vet (I LOVE that place) and the diagnosis is that her liver has begun to fail. There may (or may not) be a tumor on it, but it does not matter if there is… the treatment would be the same. The anemia that is associated with it has caused the neurological weakness in her back half ~


That said, we continue on the way we always have… walks in the woods, rides in the truck, and otherwise just being with mum.

And she gets a treat every time she must take pills ~ (there are eight to begin with!!!) and tonight, when the noms came around?

She looked at me like I was insane… like she could NOT believe that I was sharing my baked potato with sour cream and BACON BITS!!!

She surely didn’t need a second invite, and it went down ~ pills and all.


Always in threes at my house, and this is three.

I can look forward to a quiet week next week, right?


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