Much stronger than gingerbread…

Saturdays off are an unusual thing for me. Most of my life ~ both the early years and now ~ I am generally busier on Saturday than I am the rest of the week.

when I was younger, in the summers my family would go out on the water ~ if it wasn’t sunny on Lake Wenatchee, we would go chase the sun. All winter long, we would go skiing ~ every weekend ~ without fail. None of the wussy stuff for us, we went skiing, rain or shine, sleet, hail, glop ~ wind, fog, subzero-zero temperatures… WE WENT SKIING.

Those skiing weekends are actually some of the best memories I have.

On into my adult life, I worked the recreation business, so my weekends belonged to others. After children ~ Saturdays were again given over to doing things for them…

And so ~ on to today. There is no one here but the dog and cats. They are happily entertained with catly and dogly things ~

Me? I decided to make some bread ~ not too terribly unusual, but I am attempting it semi-mechanically.

Full mechanical is in the bread machine.

Manual is with the muscles of my person.

Semi ~ mechanically is using the Kitchen Aid mixer for the hard part of flour into the sugar water/yeast mixture.


While the jury is still out on this, I am quite sure that I have single handedly invented the cure for the worlds housing shortage.

bread dough bricks.

Move over Hansel and Gretel, mine are MUCH stronger than gingerbread.


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