right in the middle of the stairs…

Little Cat ~ though nearly two ~ is basically inexperienced in the things of being a true full blooded nut case of a cat.

Up until this weekend, she has pretty much been in one small room ~ a room in which she has managed quite well (thank you very much) ~ I am quite sure she will never be the same now though.

My “roomie” is out of town visiting her relates ~ so my kitties have been allowed the run of the house.

Old Cat (aka: Beached Whale) opts for a change in scenery ~ meaning she stirs herself off her beached back side and finds another beach.

Little Cat however… in her youthful exuberance, had a slower time of things. She took it slow, her first hour or so was thus…

Peeked out the door of the comfort zone.
Explored the second floor.
Explored the loft.
Sat on the loft stairs.
Sat on the main stairs.
Thoroughly sniffed the main stairs, top to bottom…twice.
Took a swing at mom as she walks by the main stairs.
Talk a lot from where ever ‘we’ are, because ‘we’ must comment constantly on how BIG the place really is.
Talk a lot because ‘we’ don’t remember how to get back to where ‘we’ were because in the life previous to this one ‘we’ were a ditzy blonde
Bat at the dog when she walks by the main stairs.
“Accidentally” connect with the dogs butt, and get yelled at by the dog.
Holler for mom when the dog objects to the pain in her butt.
Explore the downstairs.
Follow mom around the downstairs, whining the whole time.
Beg for food crumbs while mom is eating her apple, just because the dog is…
Eat apple, wondering all the time why the dog likes it…
Wander off bored from the snack, jump on the piano.
Scare the shit out of ourself with the noise the piano makes.
Go try the piano again, just because it annoys the hell out of mom.
Finish exploring the downstairs, ending with the main bathroom.
Fall in the toilet, dragging all the pretties that the landlady keeps on the top of the tank into the toilet with ‘us’.
Dry off on moms lap.
Watch from the vanity top while mom tries to save the pretties from certain death in the toilet bowl.
Thoroughly resniff the main stairs.
Sit cross eyed and dazed on the stairs, overloaded from all the stuff!!!



Brain fried, she then curled her legs under her chest and went to sleep ~

Right in the middle of the main stairs.


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