Klingons and Things

Sometimes, it happens ~ the klingons invade your space…

Such was the problem last night, poor Old Cat had a hanger ~

And instead of just stopping and dragging her butt on the carpet, she went around with it smacking on the back of her legs…

(YES EW!!)

And to make matters worse, she kept trying to crawl into bed with ME.

WITH that thing still stuck to her.

This being a huge “UH…NO” she opted instead to jump on the window sill ~ and when she did, I could hear the hanger hitting the wall above my head ~

(yes, MORE EW)

Old Cat, lazy to run from the thing, was all like… “WHATEVER”


(You know you are old and out of shape when a hanger doesn’t bother you…)



I screwed up and turned the bedside lamp on, which allowed Little Cat to see the “thing” dangling less than a foot above her head. The thing ~ it moved, so that made her all “YAHOOOOOOO!” and she made a beeline for Old Cats butt. This, in its turn, pissed Old Cat off ~ so she began running from Little Cat, making everything even more “YAHOOOOOOO!!” for Little Cat…


So…around and around they went, with the Klingon bouncing everywhere… and as they went about the room, I suddenly realized that there was the inherent danger of string breakage, which could only happen in a bad spot ~

Like, MY bed???!!!!


Once I had this little epiphany, I didn’t even bother trying to catch Old Cat myself ~ me and Old Dog did the only smart thing we could do ~

We went downstairs to sleep the rest of the night.

Upon my return to the bedroom this morning ~ I found the Klingon lying in the middle of the bed ~ and I find myself asking myself the age old question…

Why ~ exactly ~ do I have pets????


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