did you know that the dryer goes hungry?

Last night, the cats presented me with a pile of poop… and I STEPPED in it.

Fortunately, I had sock on ~ even then it was skooshie feeling ~ which is just sick and wrong to step in.

so I tossed the sock in the trash.

I am NOT into washing poopy socks right now…


so ~ Little Cat likes to dig things out of the trash ~ luckily I turned on the light before I got out of bed this morning. And as she jumped down off the bed to walk me to the bathroom, she sniffs the sock, and then looks at me like “whats THIS doing here?”

(argh) I count myself fortunate that the thing wasn’t ON the bed…

I flipped said sock back into the garbage… and the upside is that now I have an extra sock next time the washing machine decides to eat one…

did you know that the dryer goes hungry?

Sure ’nuff.

‘Tis the Washing machine that eats clothes.


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