23 October, 2010 04:57

All is quiet this morning … TO quiet.

I find myself missing the dog at odd moments. One weird thing I miss about Old Dog is the sharing of whatever it is I was eating at any given point in time…

I have NO idea why we began doing this ~ We just kind of did. I think maybe because our first car was so small that she would be (quite literally) be sitting in the back seat and still be in the front of the car, if I were eating there would generally be drool running down the back of my neck.

Did not take to long before she figured out that if she were patient, (AND remembered to not drool copiously) she would have the last bits… the moment there was one last bite, she would LEEEAN forward, put her chin on my shoulder and be all cutesy.

There was NO way I could resist such patience, the big brown eyes, and the blatant <strike>manipulation</strike> adoration that she was putting out.

After a millennium of sharing the last bits of food ~ No wonder dogs are domesticated, eh?

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