been a long week

Today is… what? Thursday?

After checking my "google" calendar, I see that it is indeed Thursday.


Time is crawling by these days, I am impatient for things to HAPPEN, and happen NOW!

BUT! by the same token, life is going by faster than I care to have it go.

Odd bit of a conundrum, eh?

Been a week without my much loved poochie ~ I still find myself calling out to her when I am on my way somewhere. When I am distracted and do such, I wonder where she is, why she does not answer.

Only been a week, right?

Right. I am NOT crazy.

The kitties have stepped up their care (read: annoying the Sue) since last Wednesday. If I sit down, they come running ~ where before the dog would always sit down by my feet, keeping them from getting comfy.

Guess we know who was the "owner" in this house.

Is good, I feel loved.

Now the look for work begins in earnest. I must find something, and soon. Tons of applications ready to go, (okay, only four) I just need to drop them at where they need to be. Yes… I am going to apply at Wal Mart. Christmas is comin’ dontcha know!

Off the middle of nowhere for three days ~ Senior night for Volleyball, and the last home football game tomorrow night.

t2k is here to care for the ponies until I gets back.

Posting from the road…


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