Harvest Festival

wow. Has this year gone by fast or WHAT?

If I look back at all I have accomplished, I see that I don’t want to look back.

I mean, SERIOUSLY. WHO cares?

What is done is done, what is gone is gone.

Moving on…

Today is Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day ~ and to the Wiccan calendar ~ Samhain.

Samhain is the festival that celebrates the end of harvest ~ and I think THAT is a wonderful thing to do.

For me, the word Harvest takes on a different meaning… One that says not only “insanely busy” but “insanely busy with chores” ~ Technically, though I am no farmer (dang nabbit!) I still perform a harvest…

First, I harvest the lawn furniture ~ putting it in storage for the winter. From there, I find myself cutting back the shrubs, nipping the rose hips, pulling up the ghostly forms of the annuals, summer veggies and anything else that has been wiped out by the colder nights ~ then one more harvest on the lawn, and fertilize it ~ This year there “should” have been another mowing, but with t2ks’ crash and surgery and all ~ that did not (and probably won’t) happen. (’tis just TOO wet!)

The last harvest shall be the leaves off the lawn ~ thank the powers that be that there is only ONE tree left with leaves… but itsa DOOZY!

While it does not feel proper to have a harvest festival while we are still in daylight savings, tonight the fest shall be.

Though none of the food and drink were grown by me ~ here’s to the end of the Harvest ~

Now, on to the slide into winter, and the shortest day of the year.



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