Beginning the season of thanks

I bless and thank all the powers that be this morning for the fact that it is no longer raining…. shees. And while I want it to snow, I am soooo glad that it was only rain the past week or so ~

There has been to much to get done, and now?

I twitch when I say this, but I think I am done with the stuff that I do not want the snow “interfering” with… **knocks on wood**

We did do our small harvest celebration on the night of All Hallows Eve ~ just my sister, T2k, mum and me. It consisted of Hot Dogs, Bushs’ Baked Beans, and local wines…

With S’mores for desert ~ all outdoors in the cold around a lovely little fire, over which we roasted the weenies and toasted the marshmallows.

‘Twas a lovely way to celebrate the beginning of the season of thanks.

Take the time to write down the things that you can be grateful for ~ you’d be surprised at how long the list really is.


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